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This page is always a work in progress.
Please leave comments including any resources you would add! My goal is to make this as useful to other writers as possible.

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Self Publishing:

Self Publishing School – I am a member of SPS and HIGHLY recommend it for anyone wanting to self publish. I did everything they said, 90 days after having NO idea for a book, my published book was a best seller. They are, hands down, the best. Use my link so they know I’m giving out SPS love. 🙂

How to Self Publish a Book in 2017 – FANTASTIC blog laying out the method I used through Self Publishing School. Guaranteed!

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Great Websites for Writers (in no particular order)

*Disclaimer: I do not necessarily support all of the views or comments of these websites. 🙂 I have simply found them to be informative to the field of writing, whether I always agree or not. 🙂 

Agent Blogs

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Editor Blogs

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Excellent Resources

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Great Books on Writing and Publishing

Chandler Bolt has a handful of GREAT books on writing and publishing. See my link to his course under “Self Publishing” which took me to being an Amazon best seller in 90 days. Published, Book Launch, How to Not Suck at Writing -> ALL GREAT.




Pub Speak, A Writer’s Dictionary of Publishing Terms by Tracy Marchini. Tracy is an editorial consultant and children’s author. She has provided an excellent resource for those writers new to the publishing field who would love a summed up list of the lingo! This is great go-to and is available for your Kindle too (Mine is on my iPhone! 🙂




Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott – one of my ALL time favorite books on writing and creativity.





Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books by Harold D. Underdown (@HUnderdown)




How to Write a Children’s book and Get It Published by Barbara Seuling. I found this book in my mother-in-law’s collection. It’s a little dated (1991) but has still proven to be super helpful (at least to me 🙂




The Art and Craft of Writing by Shaun Roundy




Writing Picture Books by Ann Whitford Paul 






Google+ Resources

Google+: The Complete Guide

List of Literary / Book People (by Debbie Ohi)

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LinkedIn Resources

LinkedIn Groups for Publishing Professionals by GalleyCat

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Twitter Tips:

Commonly used Hashtags for writers

The Twitter Job Search Guide Book – written for the job search but equally useful to a writer wanting to use social media effectively and strategically. LOVE. Love. love.

The Twitter Job Search Guide Resource Page -a page with everything from mobile apps to scheduling tweet to how to meet followers with a common interest! Lots of great info.

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing – a great compilation of tips and resources for using Twitter- for the noob to the tweepspert!

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A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle ebook Self Publishing