Professional Editing

“Marcy Pusey helped me to edit my book “A Flower Of Love.” I am very pleased how my book turned out by her editing. She was great to work with. Marcy has a pleasing way to make sure your book will get done in a fast manner, but yet done well. I will gladly suggest anyone for her editing help. I am convinced that you will be pleased with her help in many ways regarding the completion of your book.”

-Krister Hill, author of A Flower of Love

Marcy’s Professional EDITING Services

Below is a brief list of the usual steps taken through a project. Exceptions can be made to suit your individual needs.

STEP 1: You contact me for my editing services and send me a complete, or near complete, draft of your work so that I can provide you with an estimate of costs or final quote.

STEP 2: You email to me a digital copy of your project, book, thesis, or dissertation.

STEP 3: I review it for general completeness and send you an update indicating any documentation I need or issues that should be addressed immediately.

STEP 4: I read through and format your completed reference section. I also compare it to the citations in your paper and notify you of any discrepancies (as needed).

STEP 5: I format your entire paper with regard to margins, headings, and general spacing.

STEP 6: I read through your entire paper for content. This is called line editing and I fix all errors and rewrite sentences for clarity. When necessary I will denote sentences that require your assistance.

STEP 7: I email to you a review copy with any questions regarding issues that I cannot resolve on my own (E.g., author names, mismatched publisher years, missing page #s for quotations, clarification of meaning etc.). Ideally, you will return this copy to me, with questions answered, within 24-48 hours.

STEP 8: I read through your entire paper in hardcopy form to catch remaining errors/issues.

STEP 9: I blend together your updated review copy and my notes from the hardcopy review and update the master digital copy.

STEP 10: I review your paper one last time for general appearance and update the Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures (as applicable).

STEP 11: I notify you that your paper is ready for submission and I make request for final payment. Once final payment is made, I release your work!!! I keep digital copies of all my work for 6 months.


Cost is by the page and depends on length and complexity of paper……… €7.00-10.00

Hardcopy per page…………………………………………………………. € .40

A €200 deposit, due before start of work, is required. Less for brief papers. (APPLIES TO FINAL BALANCE.)


Apply when a paper over 100 pages long must be edited in fewer than 10 business days. €100-€200


Sending excessive revisions once a deadline has been set will result in an appropriate rush fee.

Client changes to a deadline will result in a rush fee if the change is moved to within 72 hours of the request.

Minimum 72 hours to work on a project is required. Otherwise, a rush fee may apply.

Final payment is due upon completion of the job before edited paper is released.


Client is responsible for providing editor with any special formatting requests before work is completed.  Regardless of the project, one (1) hour minimum will be charged.

CLIENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CONDUCTING A FINAL REVIEW BEFORE BINDING. If you choose to skip this step, you are responsible for any missed errors.

No work will begin (and no commitment promised) until a secured deposit and signed contract are received.     


Contact me for a quote or with any questions you have 🙂