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While We Slept: Finding Hope and Healing After Homicide


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(*Note that only the print book contains the original news articles, used with permission.)

Co-written with my husband, Jeremy Pusey, this is the story of Mary Ann Larsen-Pusey’s (his mother) second death… the one that claimed her even while my husband and I slept on the other side of their house. The death incurred by her adoring husband, Clinton Pusey, while in some sort of stroke-induced blackout. This is a story about how to find hope in the midst of life altering trauma.

Women of Worth: Stories of Trauma & Triumph

I have published a second essay in this new book, Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Trauma and Triumph. My essay is a first-hand account of the news-breaking (literally) trauma that occurred in my life just four days before my first wedding anniversary.

In addition, the last story in the book is a reader response to my story in the previous book, “Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith” (below). Read one reader’s account of how my essay transformed her life (at that time).


Featuring remarkable stories by real women, this unique collection delves into the struggles of abuse, illness, rejection, death, and other life challenges, while honoring God’s divine healing and saving grace. This compilation of riveting stories gives voice and purpose to human suffering, and celebrates examples of resiliency and triumph, reminding us did even in the face of great evil, we are not alone and we will prevail.

Women of Hope: Stories of Hope & Faith

I have recently published an essay in “Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Hope and Faith.” It’s a beautiful read (if I do say so myself). I share the pages with nineteen other Godly women who’ve persevered through difficult life circumstances by knowing their worth in Christ.

Here’s the synopsis:

Featuring true stories by amazing women, including Florence Littauer and Cinthia Hiett, MC, LPC, this unique collection delves into the struggles of divorce, addiction, adoption, weight loss, pornography, and other life challenges, while celebrating the divine healing of God. This compilation of provocative stories cuts across age, race, and experience, and speaks powerfully to women in search of their value as Daughters of a King. Discover who you are – and Whose you are – in the journeys presented here and break free from every strong-hold that tries to keep you down.

Reclaiming Hope

Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster And Adopted Children


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Raising adopted and foster kids can be a strain on your marriage, your family, your finances and even your health.

Are you tired of pretending you’ve got it all together? You are not alone.

This book is for the parents who question their decision to foster or adopt, who feel beaten down by the judgments of others and themselves, and who deal with regret, loss, and disappointment. It’s for those hoping to be better prepared for the adoptive struggles ahead.

In this book I show you how to name these challenges, make informed decisions, and to experience hope in the mess, while enjoying the new life and family you’re creating.

I share with you the lessons my family has learned along the way, the problems that have nearly flattened us, and the way we’ve seen, and continue to hope for, good in each one.

Whether you are considering foster parenting or adopting, or are already in it and drowning, or you just want to throw a lifesaver to a foster parenting/adoptive friend or family member, then this book is your must-read resource.

Parenting Children of Trauma: The Foster-Adoption Guide to Understanding Attachment Disorder


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Marcy Pusey demystifies attachment disorders, the impact of complex emotional trauma on our homes, and addresses current treatment options. This book will help the hurting adoptive family realize they are not alone in their desire to raise healthy kids and reclaim a healthy home. Marcy Pusey raised kids with AD and therapeutically supported families as well.

Speranza’s Sweater

Speranza’s Sweater: One Child’s Journey Through Foster Care and Adoption


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Illustrated by Beatriz Mello

Speranza wears her sweater everywhere, hanging onto the last memories of her birth home, until it’s threadbare. Like her unraveled sweater, Speranza must weave together a new story, bringing threads from her past and strands from her present, into a new future of love, family, and the true meaning of home.

Also available in Spanish!


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Also available in German!

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According to Corban

According to Corban – *The Gittle List Award Winner 2017!*


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Illustrated by Daniela Sosa

In Corban’s imagination, kitchens are troll’s lairs, backyards are jungles, and bedrooms are launching pads to Mars. Little sisters can be princesses, witches, or sometimes, just the partner needed to save the day. In According to Corban, even the most mundane tasks turn into exotic adventures. But when the queen turns into a dragon, Corban discovers a surprising hero.

Read the text and enjoy the illustration to see the world through Corban’s eyes… then flip the page to see what’s REALLY going on!

Also available in German! 


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Bath Time Magic


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Illustrated by Yaroslava Yoshchenko 

Making his second appearance since his best-selling debut in According to Corban, the imaginative Corban is at it again! In Bath Time Magic, Corban must fool his parents into believing he hates baths to keep them from learning his secret: his tub is magical. 

Join him on a bath time adventure as his magical tub plops him into shark-infested seas, raging rivers and waterfalls, and favorite games with his ocean friends. But when the ocean swirls and twirls a cyclone, will Corban escape to make it back to his bathroom before mom shows up?

This is the second book in the According to Corban series.

Weirdo and Willy


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Illustrated by Ferdinando Rihi

Willy is taunted by his classmates for being weird—for the way he dresses, what he eats, and the things he likes to do. One day, a “Weirdo” actually shows up in response to their name-calling. The creature wants to play! Thus begins a tale of unlikely friendship: Weirdo and Willy find the companionship they’ve been missing in the most unlikely of people… er, creatures. Taunters beware! You never know what might actually show up!



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Illustrated by: Megan Frank

There are many “voices” in the world telling us that we’re “too much” of this or “too much” of that. Sometimes the voices say that we’re “not enough” of this or “not enough” of that. If we believe these messages, we miss out on living out the wonder and beauty of being exactly who we were made to be.

We miss out on being “Just right.”

Thus begins the story of a wild turkey chick who is abnormally strong…Herculean strong. In the midst of ridicule, Tercules must find the beauty of his uniqueness and discover that he can be different and complete. His strength comes to great use, revealing the treasure of his difference, and proving to all that he is an integral member of his flock family.

Tercules helps children navigate their own journey of understanding their strengths and perceived weaknesses, guiding them to find their perfect place in the world and in their families. This story also introduces young children to adjectives and alliteration using fun repetition.

Castle Quest Adventure Journal

Castle Quest: Adventure Journal


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The Castle Quest Adventure Journal is your one-of-a-kind solution to all of your castle-questing desires!

No other journal offers you the chance to record each memory of your favorite visited castles. Don’t have a visit to Europe in your near future? No worries! There’s a page with a list of all the countries who host castles, including the U.S. and Canada! There’s probably a castle to conquer not too far from you! Road Trip!

This journal includes:

*116 pages for logging 35 castle-visits

*Lined writing and blank pages for sketching or note-taking

*Prompts for recording specific details *Travel and Adventure Quotes throughout

*Space for photos, sketches and attaching memorabilia

*6×9 for easy travel and storage

*List of countries with castles from around the world

My first published book, Something to Believe In: Ancient Hebrew and Christian Religions, is with SNAP Learning. It comes complete with a teacher’s guide and curriculum and digital application.


Sasquatch was produced by SNAP Learning and has currently been used on a digital platform in KOREA!!! Plans include the U.S. market. It includes a creative writing piece (shown on the cover) and expository on the history of sasquatches around the world.

Coming Soon

Forever Homes

Currently in revision, this is my first Young Adult novel.

I am currently working on a number of children’s books, magazine articles, and books for adults, all the while trying to serve and love my family as a wife and mother.