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RG Adoption Consulting NAAM Video Series

In the next video of our #NAAM video series, these two adoption professionals talk about two very different aspects of the industry. Marcy is an adoption professional with a passion for bringing awareness to attachment disorder that is common among children in the foster care system. Rachel is an RG Adoption Consultant and licensed social worker, who began working in an adoption agency to learn more about the profession and gain some experience. She quickly fell in love and it ended up being the way she grew her family. These two women and adoptive mamas have so much love for adoption and working in the adoption industry. Stay tuned for more videos to come and be sure to hit the like, subscribe, and notify buttons so you don’t miss a thing. Check us out on our social media pages for all things adoption! 

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If adoption is anything, it is full of surprises. These two adoptive mamas talk about what surprised them the most about adoption. We connected with them through the Adoption Summit, and both were so excited to be a part of our month long video series. Sara Ward is a speaker and writer. Through her journey to adoption, she was surprised by how much it changed her and her outlook on life. Marcy Pusey is a counselor and mom through foster care that was truly surprised by the difficulties that come with parenting a child through adoption. She touches upon attachment disorder, re-learning how to parent, and judgment from others. Adoption is hard and these two women make that clear, but through it they were humbled, educated, and are now able to advocate for their children and all that comes with adoption.

To view my presentation, along with the presentation of the other Adoption Summit speakers, click here to purchase the All Access Pass. This includes access to all presentations, video files, audio files, transcripts, and more.

Successfully Unemployed Podcast Interview

How to Write Children’s Books and Self Publish with Best Selling Author Marcy Pusey

Best selling author Marcy Pusey shows us how to become an author and be successful in making money to never work a job again.

This is the step-by-step process to be write and self-publish a book and become a full time author.

Today, I am excited to have Marcy Pusey on the podcast. Marcy is a missionary in Germany, a best-selling author, and she helps other people write. Enjoy!

Children's Book Mastery Summit

“How to make your book appealing for children and adults and engaging and full of heart.”

Marcy is a ​multiple award winning and multiple best-selling children’s book author. ​

In this session you’ll learn:

​- ​The fatal flaws to avoid in your story
– ​Ways to really make your story hook readers and get emotionally involved
– ​A powerful tool to make your characters and story much more powerful

Wanda Luthman's Children's Books

Marcy Pusey, A Best Selling Children’s Book Author” is a guest post I contributed to Wanda’s website for families.

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

12x12 - 12 Picture Books, 12 Months

Interview with Pharmacy Podcast on Building a Business by Publishing

God and Country Radio Show from Independent Talk 1100 KFNX Interview

Doctor, Teach Me to Parent - The American Family Learns From the German Family Life - Interview