How I Became a Best Selling Author

236x3541Almost everyone — 81% of people — wants to be an author.

But almost nobody knows how.

That’s why I highly recommend you check out Chandler Bolt’s FREE video training course on how to go from blank page to bestseller in 2016.

This is how I went from no idea to best selling author in 88 days with Reclaiming Hope: Overcoming the Challenges of Parenting Foster and Adopted Children.
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Let’s Make A Mosaic

DSC07306She showed me her mosaic. 

It was beautiful.

The colors, the careful placement of each broken piece… sealed into its new place, its new home.

As she held it up, another friend shared a story.

“When I was young, my mom would get really upset if we accidentally broke a dish. As I became an adult myself, I found that same anger rise up in me if one of my dishes or fragile pieces was broken. But then one day I visited a friend and I accidentally broke one of her plates.
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