Adoption Summit – Connection and Resources

Join me and 60+ other speakers at the Adoption Summit – FREE to you! Speaker after speaker, topic after topic, all to equip, resource, and encourage adoptive families like ours to live healthy and whole lives in our blended homes.

When we started our foster-adoption journey, I thought we had what it took. I had my degrees in Social Service and Therapy, had successfully worked with families and behavior for years. The hubs worked in a low-income school district with class majority children of single parents or foster. We were informed. Equipped. Enough.

Until we weren’t. We were the only people we knew fostering or adopting (at first), except for a friend who privately adopted. We had NO idea what we were in for. Fast forward over a decade, and our adopted kids are “successfully” launched into adulthood and we’ve learned a TON. Mostly about how much we didn’t know and how much community matters. Since then, we’ve made it our aim to help, support, and encourage other families, no matter where they are in the journey. Birth families, foster families, adoptive families, social service agencies… you name it- if they want to talk, we show up. It helps them, and it reminds US that we are also not alone, crazy, or without hope.

That is why I am so excited and honored to be part of this Adoption Summit! It’s free (or there is a paid upgrade for year-long access) but if you know ANYONE who has ANY connection to adoption, this is for them!! And FREE, hosted by

As one of the speakers, I personally share how to weave your child’s past into strength for today and hope for tomorrow, together.

I know your friends, family, colleagues, or co-workers will love you for sharing this resource with them. It’s HUGE and it’s FREE. So spread the word so we can get as many people helped and resourced as possible, so our families and systems can be HEALTHY together.

*Use this link so they know I sent you 😀

How to LOVE your fost-adopt friends and family:


  • Share awesome resources like this one with them!
  • Offer to watch the kids for a bit so they can have a break.
  • BELIEVE them. Believe the stories they share, the pain and joy they feel, and give them a good hug (not advise).

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