*TMI Alert* 🙂

“Not again!” I hear the muffled voice of my three year-old daughter through the bathroom door.


She growls and screams and cries helplessly. I can’t even begin to imagine what is going on in there.

“Sweet girl, what’s going on?” I ask her.

A sad voice responds, “I keep trying to wipe my bottom but there’s no poop on the toilet paper.”

Oh wow.

She’s working so hard on wiping herself without help… and as much as she feels that she is doing the exact right thing… the evidence is telling her differently.

“Oh girly, come here!.”

She opens the door with tears in her eyes. Half dressed. Toilet paper in hand.

“Sweety… sometimes when you go poo… it comes out clean! It doesn’t always leave a mess on your booty. It’s not always going to show up on the toilet paper. You did a good job.” (Of course I checked to make sure this was the case.)

My mind flashed to the conversations I’d never thought I’d have… yes, this was one of those.

And isn’t that how life sometimes is?

We think we’ve mastered something, learned a hard lesson, persevered to the finish line… only to find ourselves back at the starting line. Sometimes the fear of “again” follows me like a creepy guy in the shadows… whispering sweet nothings… about how familiar this all looks to the time I… To fear new friendships because I might be rejected again. Or to fear stepping out to do something new because I might fail again. To find myself in a situation I thought I’d already conquered.

But ya know… sometimes the poop of life doesn’t have to leave a mess on our booties.

Sometimes we are doing exactly what we need to do… and it’s not our fault that things aren’t going the way we thought they would. Or should.

How grateful I am that there is a perspective on life much grander than my own eyes can see or my own imagination fathom. That what I see as being criticized again is really just another good opportunity to practice humility and grow in my character.

That I don’t have to be afraid of “again” because each one has its own purpose… and that purpose can be good.

If I let it.

If I’m willing to look up at my Daddy, clean TP in hand, and receive His grown-up wisdom on the things of life.

And the ways I sometimes misunderstand them. Misinterpret them. Judge them by appearances alone.


And it’s okay.

Because chances are again and again too…

6 thoughts on “Again”

  1. Loved your take on #FMF! Oh, so true that sometimes even when we are doing what we need to do, it doesn’t always turn out like we expect it. But it does give us lots of “agains” to grow, stretch, and turn to Him for wisdom!

  2. This made my day! I love how you found the deeper meaning in something we think of as something so small.
    “…sometimes the poop of life doesn’t have to leave a mess on our booties.” That is something I will never forget! 🙂

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