Five Minute Friday – Cherish

5-minute-friday-1I’ve never known the true depths of cherishing until, once formed and ready, he left my womb and entered my arms. And heart.

This was new.

This looking at another human and feeling the sting of tears meet the sweat of hard work as love overwhelmed.

As gratitude took hold, blessing drew in its breath, and a mother pondered what she could have possibly done in the world to deserve this joy.


Even through the frustration and discomforts of learning him, studying him. training him… this joy so deep it hurts finds an echo from this moment into eternity. And I realize that there is nothing I wouldn’t lay down for this little tiny man-child. This being gifted to me to love, to raise, to usher into the world with purpose.

And then, in midĀ sensingĀ of these deep things which are mostly felt and rarely understood… a halt.

A silencing of my thoughts as His voice breaks in.

“Sweet daughter, this is a drop in the ocean of how deeply I cherish you. This gift of a child is more than just the child… but a chance to stand in my shadow… to experience the heart of a parent for their child. Magnify it beyond reasoning, purify it above all depravity of this world, and remove every condition that creeps in with fear… then you will see how deeply my own heart beats for you. For him.”

I am cherished.

So are you.


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