My Facebook Cover Photo Project for Illustrators

I love following other writers, illustrators, agents, editors… anyone related to the kidlit writing world 🙂

One such of these friends is Harold Underdown– children’s book editor, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books, and the owner of The Purple Crayon. And, he had the brilliant idea of using his Timeline photo as a way to have a cool image AND promote the work of talented artists.

And I loved it. Even wondered why I don’t do the same.

So here we are 🙂 I’ve borrowed some of his “system” in this post… and hope I have a good response! From what I understand, he’s SIX MONTHS OUT on booked weeks of his cover photo.

Here’s how it works (borrowed from Harold):

“You’re a children’s book illustrator with a sample (published or unpublished) that will work in that W-I-D-E format (315 x 850 pixels). You send it to me attached to a FB message, as a JPG, already cropped. Do not send me to your website to choose something. You need to do that.

The image can’t have text (such as a title or interior text on it)–so if you have an interior spread you want to use, please remove that before sending.

If I like it, and I won’t like everything, I’ll post it as my Cover Page for a week, and post about it on my Wall. You’ll get a little exposure, I’ll get a nice image.”

Let’s do it!

To see this week’s Cover Photo, find me on Facebook here. 

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