Wonder Woman

5-minute-friday-1 I am well-known for my Wonder Woman “purse.” It’s a black bag like this one below.
except that mine is now about to have its third surgery. Yes, instead of buying a new purse, like most people perhaps, I have continued to sew this one back together.


Is the bag just so comfortable and easy to use? Well, yes it is, but there are others equally so.

It’s because I love Wonder Woman.

Okay, maybe “love” is a strong word. I really like her.

My bag

But why????

Well, perhaps I should first start with the things I don’t like… and often worry that, if people knew all of her history, might think I ascribe to.

I don’t.

I do not believe in gods and goddesses or faraway lands with amazon princesses with super powers.

I do not promote scantily clad women fighting the evils of the world. Fully dressed ones, yes. Nearly naked ones… not so much.

I love her lasso of truth.

When she captures you with her lasso, it forces you to tell the truth. I’m a truth-teller, truth-seeker, and have very low tolerance for dishonesty. I have a pretty good sense of when someone is telling me a truth or a lie… but I would take a truth-lasso any day, hands down.

And she’s got one. That means one of her purposes is to seek out truth. And I like that too.

I like that she is a woman and a heroine… a sister in humanity fighting the causes of the underprivileged, the voiceless, and those needing a savior.

But she is not the savior… just another person’s imagination on paper, through art, of having someone more powerful than we, who can come and save us.

Wonder Woman was created during World War II… her first images were of fighting Axis military forces during a time when the world, indeed, needed a hero.

Which makes me pause and wonder some more… about why we create saviors and heroes when we already have one.

Unless we don’t know we have one.

Then our inner soul, the emptiness that longs for more, longs for a supernatural being to enter our world and save us from ourselves, from the depravity of others, from pure evil… takes pen to page and creates one.

A fictitious one.

One that will only show up in the nick of time in comics, cartoons, and the Big Screen.

But then there is real life. Where Dictators kill millions of people because of their own self-determined opinions and rules. Where cars crash, diseases strike, fires steal homes and land, oceans roar and rage… and we are left.

Small. Powerless. Longing.

For a savior.

Something about Wonder Woman touches that longing… not just to know a savior, but to be one. To become “Wonder Mom” to my family, “Wonder Friend” to my friends, “Wonder Counselor” to those whom I serve… “Wonder Christian” to my God.

All desires and longings that lead to such fictitious design as a cartoon sketch of an amazonian princess stopping a train from wrecking.

Because I do not have super natural powers of my own awesome accord.

Only those afforded to me in the name of Jesus, according to the will of Him who saves me.

I am nothing apart from Him.

So my two greatest longings… to be saved, and be a savior, are met in Him.

Jesus is my Savior.

And any supernatural, eternal part of my being is His gift to me. And to the world. Not for my glory, but for His. My supernatural powers comes in my weakness… my choosing humility and the higher road… broadcasting my inadequacies so that when anything good comes from me… there is no question whether it was me or Him.

He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life.

He’s better than a lasso.

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