Eggs, Babies, and Forever

I was driving a meal to a friend who recently had a baby tonight.

My own two darling toddlers were strapped in their seats behind me. I was attempting to explain to my three year old how babies come into the world. I said something like, “All mommies have always had eggs (like a chicken) waiting around on the inside. They just needed a daddy to turn it into a baby.”

I hope this doesn’t count as R-rated. 🙂

Anyway, it suddenly struck me.

My son has been a part of me ever since… I’ve been a part of myself!

According to ShareCare (came up when I googled 🙂 I had 400,000 eggs by the time I hit puberty. My son was one of those. Weird!

THEN, I started to think about how this was equally true for my daughter. How they’d been hanging around inside of me since I was born. Just waiting. Sort of.

Maybe they had even rubbed shells with Zoe 🙂

See how my thoughts meander? From the purpose of each individual to the thought that my kids have been part of me since I was newly born… and hanging out just waiting for their other half.

If only it ended there… my mind-train then followed that track to my own self as an egg… nesting inside of my mom from the day SHE was born. Wow, I’ve been around awhile…

Does anyone else have such random thoughts as I do? LOL 🙂


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